You know what we didn't do AGAIN? The family and I forgot all about going on an adventure to Cumberland over the Memorial Day weekend to see those impossibly adorable baby goats! Yup even with a third day off, you'd think we could have fit it in the schedule. But nosuh.

The honey-do list of errands and chores around the house reared it's ugly head. I guess we need to officially put the trip to Sunflower Farm on the calendar to make sure it happens. We are doin' this before the summer ends. Gotta see 'em live and in person!

Luckily we get updated on the regular from their caregivers with exceptionally great videos. The latest offering is as always really great. Behold the impossible cuteness of Maine baby goats stampeding their way to find their mom and get their milk on! Boy, do they get a chorus goin' when they realize it's breakfast time

Here's more from our friends at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland:

"My favorite thing about farming is the sweetness of the daily routine. I love putting the kids to bed each night (they sleep on their own after 3 weeks to begin to learn to eat hay and grain and drink water), and then peeking at them on the live cam It cracks me up that they all pile together when sleeping even if there is a whole empty stall they could use! I also get excited to see them each morning rushing to get reunited with their mamas and get some milk! It never gets old seeing such a rush of goats running to find their mamaaaaaaaaas."

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