We've seen a lot of cool "wear a mask" messages out there but here's one that's literally out of this world. Or 234 miles up to be exact. Astronaut (and Navy Seal) Chris Cassidy did this PSA to encourage everyone to Mask Up. Chris graduated from York High School as has gone on to serve his country in the Navy, and now with NASA onboard the International Space Station. Chris is up there for a long time....6 months! He's scheduled to return in April. Let's all hope by then that things are better here on the ground with COVID-19. One way we can all help that along is by wearing a mask.

Chris makes a great point in his message. He says because of all the precautions by crews and workers on the ground to be safe (like wearing a mask), it ensured that Chris and his fellow crewmates would not get the coronavirus in Space. Can you imagine? Not a good scene. Great job, Chris! A great message form you. Plus, we love seeing you float around in zero gravity. Maine is proud of ya!



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