You can say a lot about New Englanders -- we're loud, we're obnoxious at sporting events, and we're definitely unique as heck; which goes without saying when incidents like this happen that equal parts hilarious and adorable.

Known for posting some very unique and very Boston-type occurrences via pictures and video, the Only In Boston Instagram Page is, in a sense, a palace for virtual people-watching in the area (which we may be the absolute champions of, honestly.) They also post absolute gems like the below video, which chronicles one of Boston's Finest writing a ticket for a citizen operating a vehicle on Newbury Street.

Why is Newbury Street in Boston car-free?

According to Channel 5 Boston, last Sunday was the first of three car-free Sundays planned for Newbury Street in Boston, with the next two coming up during the next two consecutive Sundays (August 22 and August 29). During those days, Newbury Street will become a pedestrian walkway between the hours of 10a and 8p between Berkeley Street and Mass Ave to celebrate Open Newbury Street.

Boston Mayor Kim Janey told Channel 5 Boston the reasoning behind making one of the most popular streets in the city car-free for a full day is to inspire joy and imagination while supporting businesses.

“I’m especially excited to kick-off Open Newbury Street as we look for ways to hold space for collective joy and imagination. We look forward to supporting businesses by providing space for them to engage customers in creative ways. I hope residents and visitors will be able to experience all that Open Newbury Street has to offer."

For what it's worth, if you're interested in checking out the next two Open Newbury Street events over the next two Sundays, AccuWeather is reporting that this coming Sunday, the 22nd, it'll be cloudy and in the mid-70s in Boston, with the weather on the 29th being mostly sunny and in the upper-70s.

There's also a chance, according to Channel 5 Boston, that Open Newbury Street could extend into September as well, but that's still a big question mark as of this writing. There are also plans for future open street events around multiple Boston neighborhoods early on this fall.

Based on the foot traffic that is seen in the above video from Only in Boston's Instagram page, it definitely seems like the first Open Newbury Street was well-received and a popular event. And, based on the interaction between that Boston officer and the rebel puppy driving down a car-free Newbury Street, the event brings in good spirits, positive vibes, and nonstop smiles.

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