Wanna see pahty-hahty Mainahs rippin' it up on the ocean? There's a bunch of videos floatin' around and YouTube user Terry Boivin has created the best one we've seen! Check out the thrilling scenes from the 2018 Lobster Boat races in Stonington this past Sunday.

Terry Boivin/YouTube
Terry Boivin/YouTube

We're thinkin' most of us imagine lobster boats just kinda chuggin' along.  Holy crap dude! Hammah down and launch 'er! If you love to see things go wicked fast, you gotta see this.

O’Chang Comics released a  wicked funny Public Service Announcement for the lobster boat races leading up to “the best day of the friggen’ year!”

It starts as an over-the-top racing commercial (you know…SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY type stuff).  Wait till you see ‘Boattron’ the Transformers type lobster boat with ‘Bud’ piloting the head and ‘Critter’ in the crotch.

When the ad is over, ‘Donny the Grumpy Maine Dad’ appears and he wants you to “listen up and you listen up good.” “If you been drinkin’, don’t you EVAH considah runnin’ a boat.”

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