We woke up to a fluffy couple of inches of the white stuff this morning. The driveway really was no biggie.

I figured all we needed to do was clean up the end (yep, the plow came through) and the rest will melt while we're at work with these temps around 40.

However, we better sharpen the shovels and make sure the snowblower is ready for action this evening. A bigger one is on the way overnight through tomorrow afternoon.

Here's the latest from the National Weather Service in Gray.

These guys get us because they are us. Local band Flooded Cellar hail from beautiful Lovell, Maine over there on Route 5 in Oxford County. They just made a new music video for a funny song about battling with that old snow blower.

Great job fellahs...keep 'em comin'.

And there's another storm coming this weekend.


You might also remember we featured a Flooded Cellar music video a while back called Six Cords Shy of a Broken Back which hilariously laments the “seven month haul” that is winter in Maine.

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