We've seen baby goats in pajamas, baby goats in sweaters, baby goats with a St. Bernard puppy, and baby goats in bucket. Now just when you thought it couldn't get any more cunnin', Sunflower Farm in Cumberland presents: Baby Goats and a Baby!

Here's a little backstory from their YouTube channel,

"My granddaughter Max is now 4 months old. Each morning over the past two weeks my daughter Lila and I have been bringing her out for a goat visit with the new goats. (42 have been born over 10 days!) While she is sleeping new babies arrive for her to meet and she seems genuinely delighted by their soft fur and sweet faces."

How cool is that! This sweet little human gets to play with newborn goats every morning. We love how both Baby Max and the baby goats appear to have the natural instinct to be gentle with each other.




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