Last season, our beloved Portland Sea Dogs mascot, Slugger, started to become a viral sensation for various recreations of moments from famous movies. Specifically, Slugger's recreation of a scene from "Dirty Dancing" got national attention. So what does Slugger have in store for fans this season? Well, Slugger will see you "Dirty Dancing" and raise you "Titanic".

Shared on Twitter by Dave Eid, Slugger teamed up with a minor league umpire to recreate that famous moment when Jack holds Rose at the end of the ship before she proclaims that "she's flying". Celine Dion is playing in the background. People are weeping somewhere. Anyway, Slugger and the ump went for it, and of course the song was playing in the background.

This may be the first of a few surprises Slugger has in store for crowds at Hadlock Field this summer.

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