If you're headed up Rt. 1 to Bucksport, M so you can go check out that graveyard with the wicked creepy witch's foot on Colonel Buck's headstone to celebrate Halloween this week, you'll notice a tall structure is missing from the last time you pulled through town.

As of this morning, the smokestack at the Verso Paper Mill is no longer standing.

This morning's demolition scene is also beautifully reverent with a bagpiper playing, saying goodbye as it crashes to the ground.

Down East Magazine via YouTube
Down East Magazine via YouTube

It is generally pretty damn fascinating to watch stuff get wrecked, am I right? Well, when the stuff is supposed to be destroyed that is.

So we thought you might want to watch this great video from Down East magazine.

According to the News Center Maine Facebook page,

"The Mill closed five years ago, putting hundred of people out of work. Whole Oceans, a salmon farming company, will be taking over part of the mill site. The company expects to break ground in the spring and create between 50-75 jobs."

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