Mainers seemed to really dig it when this musical cop from South Portland posted a mighty impressive performance from the front seat of his parked cruiser last year. It was back in April when Officer Al Giusto made a video of himself singing and showing his  slide guitar chops with a song called "Disinfectant Blues".  It's a fun song that seriously reminded us of what steps we needed to take to help keep ourselves and others safe in the early days of the Covid shutdown.

Well the talented bluesman of the South Portland Police Department is back again nearly a year later with a new tune to encourage us to stay the course even though things are improving.

Officer Giusto's song this time around is titled, "I'm A Superhero Too". It's another great blues number that reminds us that we are all superheroes protecting each other by wearing masks when we're in public.

Look, I'm just as tired of wearing a mask as you are. But, we appear to be doing an excellent job of stopping the spread here in Maine. Yes, vaccinations are here and scheduled to get into peoples arms this spring, but we've got to stay vigilant.

Thank you to Officer Giusto for getting creative once more and entertaining us with an important message from the squad car with his bluesy baritone and sweet slide guitar playing. Well done, sir!

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