According to the South Portland Police Department Facebook page,

"This is what happens when you put the school resource officer back on Patrol....."


Meet Officer Al Guisto. Not only is Al one of the many great heroes on the frontline during the pandemic, he's also a bonafide bluesman.

He posted a fantastic performance of himself singing and playing some sweet slide guitar in his police cruiser to Facebook over the weekend.

The description along with the video says "Disinfectant Blues was written, produced, & sang by Officer Al Giusto."

This is so well done. Maybe someone with a fancy studio can bring him in with a full band to record this when it's okay to hang again. It's that great.  Officer Giusto has a terrific gritty baritone that humorously delivers some important health and safety reminders.

Here's some of the lyrics so you can sing along a bit.

  • Wash your hands, mask your face
  • Stay away, 6 feet of space
  • Wear gloves, be nice
  • Don't get so close, where we pay the price
  • I need to disinfect, I need to disinfect
  • The blues
  • I need to disinfect , well from my head ah to my shoes


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