A couple of our favorite dubbahs, Troy and Mark are back with more Maine fun facts.

2020 is the year of Maine's Bicentennial. To celebrate 200 years being the greatest state, we think it's an awful good idea to brush up on some tales of the magnificent people, places and things that make Maine the best.

Since the series debuted in August, Troy and Mark have hilariously reported from Portland Head LightThe Desert of MaineThe Moxie Store in Lisbon FallsB & M Baked Beans in Portlandthe Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor, Stephen King's house, the Cryptozoology Museum and more.

In this week's episode, they take to the cobblestone streets of Portland's Old Port to drop some knowledge on us with plenty of laughs.

Troy and Mark are here to give a quick history on the settlement of Portland in the 18th century, the subsequent devastating fires and rebuilding of the city and of course a focus on Portland's historic Old Port.

The riotous video is filled with bits of historical data from Troy and plenty of affirming 'yuhts' from Mark. It of course ends with the now signature 'nut tap'. We can always count on Mark to fall for that one. Troy distracts and gets him every time. Such a dink.

Portland comics, Ian Stuart/"Mark" and James Theberge/"Troy" have performed together around the state in The Maine Comedy All Stars shows.

Future destinations that 'Troy' and 'Mark' plan on visiting include, The Lobster Pound, LL Bean and more of the great places that call Maine home. If you have any ideas of where else they should go, hit 'em up on the 'Welcome To Maine' Facebook page.

Ian and James can be found performing live stand up comedy for social distanced audiences at Stroudwater Distillery on Thompson's Point in Portland. The socially distanced shows are on Thursdays at 7pm and ya gotta make a reservation.

Maine Slang to Master

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