Yesterday we featured two of the adorable baby goats born this week at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland. We thought maybe you like to see the quadruplets that arrived on Monday night. It's so wonderful  to see these precious little sweeties in their first moments on the planet.

According to the Sunflower Farm YouTube channel,

"Matilda had four doelings last night! Milkyway, Juno (a NASA space probe orbiting the planet Jupiter), Maia (a star in the constellation of Taurus) & Monday (for Richard Akera who told an amazing story about a special goat from his childhood at our Goats In Space auction). Made sure all four got two nice long drinks, dipped umbilical cords and went to bed! When I woke up all four were already starting to hop!!!! I fricken love goats! To see the next two goats (Elsie & Radish) who might kid today peek here:"

We can't wait to get over there and meet them!

Beginning Sunday April 28, the farm will be open to visitors. If you think you might benefit from the peaceful communion serenity of cuddling these adorable little angels, maybe take a trip upta Cumbahland?

Find out for yourself why all the people in this video are zenned out with contentment. Looks like the goats love it too.

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