You know it when you hear it. Songs that would ordinarily never, ever get played next to each other because...well, frankly, the actual sound is rather insane, but since we're all in thrall to the rules of alphabetizing, there's nothing else to do but turn up the volume on some rather, er, unique segues.

We call 'em "train wrecks" and you either love 'em for their sheer ridiculousness, or you end up with your head in your hands, saying "No, no, no, dear God." We're only a couple of letters in and you've already been asked to sit through some doozies. Here are a few favorites:

"Amsterdam" by Van Halen, followed by "And It Stoned Me" from Van Morrison. Talk about your stylistic polar opposites. Great artistry on both tracks, no doubt. Play 'em back-to-back, though, and you're in whiplash city.





"Animal" by Def Leppard, followed by "Animal Zoo" from Spirit. It's incomprehensible, really, to imagine that the girls who love Leppard would also own a copy of "The 12 Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus". Not even in any kind of "Twilight Zone" parellel universe. 

"Bang Your Head" by Quiet Riot, followed by "Bangla-Desh" from George Harrison. An anthem of self-destruction paired up with a legendary plea for mankind to stop the suffering? The phrase "No rhyme or reason" comes to mind.

"Big Boss Man" by Grateful Dead, followed by "Big Bottom" from Spinal Tap. Reality versus un-reality. This particular pairing had some of you wondering "What the hell is going on?". 

...and we're just gettin' started! Ya got any yer lookin' forward to?

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