We're not interested in the pretty models that pose as conscientious bloodsuckers like in the "Twilight" movies. Vampires are supposed to be monsters, right?


5.) "Dracula" (1931) - While time may have taken the bite out of its ability to truly frighten, you gotta give credit where credit is due and there's lots to like here, especially Bela Lugosi as The Count. "I never drink....wine". Brilliant! When in doubt, always go with the original I say.

4.) "Salem's Lot" (1979) - For a TV mini-series, this one packed a pretty decent whallop. Ancient vampire Kurt Barlow (played by Reggie Nalder) is truly as ghoulish a walking nightmare as there is, all growls and snarls with no petty dialogue to get in the way once he starts killing the townsfolk. Plus he looks like the old 1922 silent movie Nosferatu vampire, one of the scariest make-up jobs of all time.

3.) "The Hunger" (1983) - Powerfully hypnotic and extremely upsetting in many ways, watching Catherine Denevre gradually seduce Susan Sarandon into the world of vampire cravings is unnerving while having David Bowie as a vampire whose lust knows no bounds is both erotic and squeamish at the same time. The scene where he murders a young girl violinist while she's playing is really too much to watch. You have been warned.

2.) "30 Days Of Night" (2010) - How about a gang of too-fast-to-be-caught vampires who kill in the most terrifying ways possible? They don't just bite you in the neck, they rip you to shreds while communicating with each other in some menacing language that requires subtitles. Quite effective actually.

1.) "Bram Stoker's Dracula" (1992) - It's always comes back to The Count, doesn't it? While Francis Ford Coppola's remake is cinematically gorgeous, it's the fantastic Gary Oldman in the lead that steals the show. Watching him lick a barber's razor for a quick snack is the essence of surreal vampy-weirdness, all right...


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