The very first WBLM A to Z was in May of 1990. It’s pretty amazing to realize that we are celebrating our 27th year of bringing you Blimpville’s legendary collection of music in alphabetical order! WBLM  A to Z kicks off this coming Monday (6/12) with the Captain and Celeste playing Little Feat’s A Apolitical Blues into Van Hagar’s A Apolitical Blues. Get ready for great radio trainwrecks like Accidents Will Happen by Elvis Costello into Ace of Spades by Motorhead and cool runs like all the  versions of All Along the Watchtower in a row. WBLM’s A to Z is back!

Mark Lewis was visiting us  from Haverhill, Massachusetts and had this to say, “I was in Maine all weekend and was blown away by the tunes on the radio.”

Take A to Z anywhere on your ‘wicked smahtphone’ with the new WBLM app! 

Here’s a ‘terrifying’ video of the Blimp crew bravely going down to the basement of One City Center to set up the broadcast for A to Z…someone is waiting for them.

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