You never know what you'll find going through the A to Z archives. This morning we were in the "C" Section of A to Z and came upon some Cosmic songs. "Cosmic Charlie" by the Grateful Dead. "Cosmik Debris" by Frank Zappa. Next to those albums was an old tape of the beloved Cosmic Muffin. Darrell Martinie was (and still is as far as we know) the Cosmic Muffin.  He started his radio career on the now-defunct WBCN in Boston and soon came to do his daily reports on the very early days of WBLM. He went on to be syndicated on hundreds of stations in the USA.  In 1993 Martinie was named "Official Astrologer of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts." He eventually retired in 1990 but kept doing daily reports on the Blimp right up until his death. Darrell passed away in 2006 from cancer. He was family to us and millions of Blimpsters everywhere.


Here are the Captain and Celeste playing the Muffin report from 1995. A couple of notes for you. We had a "Secret Word" with the Muffin, so whenever he said SHOPPING, we would go crazy.  So if you're wondering what's going on, that's why.. You'll also hear a reference to getting his newsletter on AOL. So get your dial-up modem ready!  Today is a 7 by the way.



Check this out. You used to be able to call the Muffin for your astrological report. We love ya Cosmic Muffin and it was great to have you back on the Blimp this morning for WBLM A to Z. Remember, it's a wise man who rules the stars, it's a fool who's ruled by them...OVER AND OUT!




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