You never know what you'll find going through the A to Z archives. This week, while going through the "M" Section we found 'Muffin Man' from Frank Zappa. Next to it was an old tape of the beloved Cosmic Muffin. We used the Muffin Man as the theme music for the daily Cosmic Muffin report. Daryl Martinie was (and still is as far as we know) the Cosmic Muffin. One of the original Blimp personalities, Daryl passed away in 2006 from cancer. He was family to us and millions of Blimpsters everywhere.


Here are the Captain and Celeste playing the Muffin report from 1995. Today is a 7 by the way.



it's a wise man who rules the stars, it's a fool who's ruled by them...OVER AND OUT!




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