The digital age has presented parents with many challenges when it comes to keeping our kids safe.

According to, " American kids spend 6-9 hours per day on the internet, 56% of children 8-12 own cell phones, and 21% of children under 8 use them".

There are different reasons why kids have cell phones: for very active families with multiple activities they are convenient for keeping in touch, for kids who need to walk home alone a phone is a comforting safety measure to both parent and child, a cell phone keeps a fidgety child occupied, a personal cell phone may be a child's direct line to a parent not living with the child. Whatever the reason, security features, parental-control settings and filters along with good family communication about cyber safety, are very important.

Do you think that kids are getting phones too early? At what age do you think a child is responsible enough to have their own phone? What reason would justify a young child having one? We would love your feedback, comment on our Fan Page.

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