We love our babysitters! They are sweet and fun and responsible. They are a treat for the kids! If Kelsey, Stella or Alyx are coming to play so that Mark and I can have a few hours alone, the kids are psyched! I found some tips from babysitters so I thought I would share them, they make a lot of sense.

  • Have the sitter come over for a few minutes before her first time staying with the kids so that they can meet her. If that won't work, have the sitter text you a smiling selfie.
  • Make a big deal out of the sitter's arrival. Great her/him with a big smile and enthusiasm to show the kids how happy you are to see them and to show them that you trust and like this person.
  • If your child has separation anxiety don't keep saying good bye, it prolongs their crying. Most kids will settle down in 10 minutes after you leave. Give the sitter a chance to engage them in something fun to distract them.
  • Write down important details! Throwing 10 things at your sitter as you run out the door makes it hard for them to remember everything. Write down house rules, bedtime rituals, how to use the remote- things like that. Create a master sheet and tape it on the inside of a cabinet.
  • Tape emergency information inside of a cabinet too, and don't forget to tell your babysitter where these notes are! Emergency information includes your street address, all your phone numbers, Doctor's name, kids' dates of birth and approximate weight, (in case of a medical emergency where this information would be useful), Poison Hotline number and throw in a trusted neighbor's number or back up adult they can call in an emergency just in case they can't reach you.
  • If you are going to be much later than the time they expect you to return, let them know! They may have plans after their gig with you or an early morning the next day. Everyone appreciates a head's up.
  • Keep something other than applesauce around for the sitter to snack on and let them know to help themselves.
  • A note about confidentiality: don't leave things out that you don't want others to see and don't confide your personal problems to your sitter. Also, know that your kids can't keep secrets!
  • Always pay them what they are owed on the spot. Forgetting to hit up an ATM and pushing payment off is not cool. Agree on a rate and be prepared to pay it when you return home.

Do you have anymore tips for babysitters? Leave a comment here or tweet #babystitter

A shout out to my favorite childhood babysitters, Debbie Ringingroth and Cathy Colpitts! I'm sorry if I misspelled your names! Cathy taught me how to tie my shoes but not how to spell her name!


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