If a teenager wants to watch bad S&M soft-porn, should they really be doing it with their teacher/coach and a coach/member of the school board? Should the adults rent the movie for the students and let them watch it in the car on a school volleyball tournament road trip? I would have personally answered no to both of those questions, but I guess I'm just old fashioned, because that's what happened-and only one parent was upset about it. Two cars of young female athletes and their female coaches were coming back from a volleyball tournament in Wisconsin, at a pit stop along the way the girls, (17 years old), asked the coaches to rent 50 Shades of Grey to watch in the car. So they did. Which is super weird to me, but O.K....Upon returning, the entertainment choice for the ride home got out, and one mom was VERY upset. Her daughter is 14 and was NOT in the car in which the movie was shown, but she was stunned at the lack of  judgement shown by the two adult chaperones. The mother accused the coach who rented it of exposing children to pornography, and pointed out that showing porn to children is a grooming method that pedophiles use on their victims. The mom then sent an anonymous letter to the sheriff urging him to investigate the teacher for sex crimes. The coach then had a restraining order taken out on the mother and is accusing her of harassment, intimidation and slander. Oh, and she's running for a position on the school board,

Who is in the wrong here? Would it bother you if your 17 year old had watched 50 Shades of Grey on a school trip? What if the chaperones had been male instead of female? Was the mom out of line? I am so anxious to hear what you all think about this! Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #softporncoach

Personally, I think the coaches should be punished for showing those young girls such a terrible movie. It is second only to "Howard the Duck".


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