Before fancy thermal lunch bags made from organic fabric, we had metal lunchboxes. Most came with a matching thermos and they always had a very distinctive smell. That smell is more than a memory, it's actually still in my head. Not only did lunchboxes hold our lunches, they were also a sort of treasure chest. My lunchbox was my first purse, it held Super Balls, Lip Slickers, toy rings, folded up posters from Tiger Beat magazine, and anything else that I might want to share with friends at lunch. I was excited to find this one while cleaning out the cellar. What treasures did it hold?...


I'm hoping that these still play! You're looking at a combination of air-check tapes from my time at WHYR in Saco and my beginnings here at BLM, an old Tracy Chapman cassette and a couple of mix tapes. One was titled "Pie Crust Promises" and the other is labeled, "Go White Girl Go-The Ultimate Beasties Mix". Two very different approaches from two very different guys. A mix tape from someone was kind of a big deal. I once received one that came with explicit directions to NOT read anything into it. Ouch! Of course I ignored that advice, and was thrilled to find through his music choice that he was truly in love with me, he just didn't know it yet. He insisted that I was wrong, but I ignored that too. He put my favorite Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam song on it, "Head to Toe", how was I not supposed to take that as a declaration of love?!

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