This off-center selfie is the direct result of an unruly, oversize winter coat hood. I had to share it with you because misery loves company. It was freezing cold and windy, and I have to wait outside with the other kindergarten parents when I pick our girls up from school. So I put my hood up for the first time since buying this coat, and found that it is a completely ornamental, non-functioning apparatus.

Reasons that I hate my winter coat:

  • HUGE hood that covers my eyes
  • Wide hood that creates a wind tunnel around my head, whisking away any body heat
  • Static electricity

This is my second winter coat this year because my zipper broke on the first one. We probably have 5 coats with zippers that need to be replaced, and aint nobody got time for dat! Since it was after Halloween, there wasn't much of a selection available. However, I was happy with my choice until recently when I needed the coat to function for true winter wear. It is not up for the task. I am forced to admit that I have a floppy, flaccid, failure of a hood and I will dig out a hat. I'm sure that I will lose that hat within the first 72 hours of finding it and it will then join all of my right-hand gloves in whatever clothing limbo they exist in.

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Not being able to get my wet boots off without touching them is a close second.

Missing my flip flops.