We just moved, and I unearthed some hilarious memories. This is me and my best friend Faith, from a Glamour Shots shoot in 1996. Two sassy girls experimenting with synthetic fibers while being photographed by a stranger.

The early 90's were a  blur of Zima, the Electric Slide and cowboy hats with Daisy Dukes. When we went out and guys asked us what we did for a living our come back was, "We are New England's First Dual Shower Head Act". Later we turned that into a band idea where I would play cowbell and Faith would sing in a 2 and a half minute medley of songs that feature cowbell. The new band name was: New England's First Dual Head Shower Act; A Tribute to Cowbell. Our dream is to one day open for the BLM Band. We are really good. Promise.

Glam Shots

Glamour Shots was the ultimate bonding experience. I even had them done with my mom! Here's a BLM blog post from 2015 about a shoot from 1994.


Holy time travel, Batman! I found these Glamour Shots that were taken in 1994 as part of a WBLM promotion. There was a live remote with a makeover and photos. These were taken when I was 28. The stone cold fox with me is my mom, Jeanne. Foil wraps and a feather boa! This was advanced technology. Hey, I had just retired my disc camera and there was no such thing as a selfie. Glamour Shots was a really big deal back then and they were used for everything from Valentine's Day gifts and business head shots to anniversary gifts, senior portraits and engagement pictures.

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 BLM sent me back in 1996, now 30!

WBLM.com/Glamour Shots

I have replaced the boa with blue faux leather! I brought my girl, Faith, with me for this shoot and we had shots done together that were hysterical! However, they are now in her possession. I used them to decorate the inside of the limo that we took to see Sammy and Dave at Meadowbrook on August 27, 2002!  Where as my mom and I had a foil thing happening, Faith and I decided on pleather for our outfits. I hope that you and your best friend or mom had a chance to do this together. We bonded and look back on it and laugh. Embarrassing but priceless!

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Thanks Mom and Faith for being such good sports! I love you both.



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