Did you ever wonder what it's like backstage at big shows? You know, with bands and big stars like comedian Bob Marley. It's gotta be nuts right. Crazy spreads of food, booze, groupies, and the general mayhem that is cultivated in rock and roll, right? Well, not usually. In fact, I can only think of a few times in the hundreds of times I have been backstage at shows where I was freaked out at the debauchery. It's usually pretty boring, and after all, all the backstages are in the rear of hockey arenas so you're usually up against a Zamboni somewhere. If you've ever helped lace up your kid's skates at the Cross Insurance Arena, you pretty much have the vibe.

Our friend Bob Markley has been BUSY doing shows this summer. Thank goodness, because we all need a laugh, especially these days. Uncle Bobby was at the Flying Monkey in Plymouth, NH over the weekend and gave us a glimpse at what it's like backstage at a Marley show. Get ready for it, bub! You'll see the stringent fire safety measures, the incredible buffet, and the hot (not), young (not), hotties (again not) that Bob gets to hang with to help him relax before his big show.




Go see Bobby soon! We love ya Mahlee! Oh, and by the way. The two times I HAVE seen crazy backstage stuff?  INXS in Boston the night they got word that they're album Listen LIke Thieves had gone GOLD and the Black Crowes at the CCCC in the '90s. Just wow. Come on, Bob....go ahead and throw a couch out the window or something to keep up!



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