I'll admit that when I was younger St. Patrick's Day was right up there with Halloween for partying. Last night I regaled my husband with stories of St. Patty's Day in the Old Port, and kept to myself a few that shouldn't be repeated. Ever.

Like many Mainers, I'm NOT Irish. I am Franco-American. Let me tell you something about Francos, we love a good party. Some of us are not above sporting a too-tight "Kiss Me I'm Irish" t-shirt at Boru's or RiRa while drinking the appropriately non-green Irish beer. I schooled a kid the other day because he was going out looking for green beer on St. Patrick's Day- what a rookie.

So, what does a reformed St. Patty's Day Franco do now that she has a mortgage, two kids, a husband and a steady job? What does all this responsibility do to a girl? It drives her to drink margaritas and eat shrimp fajitas. That's right, I went out for mexican food at El Rodeo, and it was awesome!

Tonight, I return to my roots with a tourtiere. That's a french word for pork pie. I make my own for the holidays but for St. Patrick's Day it comes from Shaw's.

Here's how to make one and impress your Frenchie sweet heart.

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