We continue our Maine Baby Goat series with an adorable look a at wicked fun morning at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland. The latest video starts off peacefully with the goats all laying down looking like they just opened their eyes and many still snoozing. What a difference the next scene brings with everybody goat singing!

There's even a brave future gymnast who likes to walk the balance beam. These goats are always adorable and funny. It's no wonder so many of their videos are viral and enjoyed all over.

According to their YouTube channel, mornings can get pretty rockin'!

"Every morning is an adventure on a goat farm! They do so many funny things during morning chores it is impossible to capture all the shenanigans, but this is a little taste of the fun. Dakota has learned how to escape the kid stall at night to be with her mom (I am just letting it go because as a new grandma I am a big softy and I think it's cute), Tess' boy's love to jump on her back, and our tiniest goat Lennie nurses every chance he gets, like when Tess is distracted by breakfast. A couple goats who have lots of siblings get a bottle of the morning's milk if they want it and two have learned to stand on their back feet like acrobats to get the most milk!"

We challenge you to not fall in love!

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