OK, who in the hell built a frickin' SNOWMAN in the middle of July? Who is it? We want names. Right now! Oh...you say it's a bunch of guys called CIRRUS CONTENDERS? What, are they some kind of weird weather-type gang or something? What's their dealio?.... Oh,...you say they're a group of hikers who are raising money for the non-profit Mount Washington Observatory and all the wonderful and educational things they do? That these CIRRUS CONTENDERS are part of the SEEK THE PEAK event happening July 18-20th? That this is the 19th annual Hike -A-Thon and that there still is time for you to sign up and participate?  THOSE Cirrus Contenders who were up practicing on Mt Washington last week and decided to "do an Olaf" and build a tiny little snowman?


Well, why didn't you say so! Way to go to Cirrus Contenders and all the groups participating in SEEK THE PEEK!



From the Mt Washington Observatory Facebook Page: Founded in 1932, the Observatory operates the famous weather station on the summit of Mount Washington, taking hourly weather observations and maintaining one of North America's longest continuous climate records.

Given its unique location in one of Earth's most extreme environments, the Observatory utilizes its natural laboratory as a benchmark research station, collaborating with universities, government agencies, and private companies on many types of severe weather research and testing.

The Observatory has also emerged as a world resource for weather and climate education, operating classroom and distance learning programs, educational trips to its mountaintop weather station, and two unique museums: The Weather Discovery Center in North Conway, NH, and the Mount Washington Museum on the summit of Mount Washington.





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