The title of this video is "Goat Kid & Puppy Share a Bottle!" but it's more like, "Puppy Licks Bottle Dribbles of Goat Kid's Chin!" Either way, watching these fur babies interact is way too lovable. Mildred, the tiny goat is all about getting every last drop. Frances, the pup happily wags her tail and settles for whatever doesn't make it into her new best buddies mouth.

Here’s the story according to the Sunflower Farm YouTube channel:

Mildred (the goat) and Frances (the puppy) have the same birthday! They are both 9 weeks old. We just realized that after picking up Frances a week ago. Mildred was one of 5 goat kids born to Rosemary. She was so tiny and couldn’t suck, so we brought her inside and tube fed her until she caught on to a bottle. We were pretty sure we would lose her, but kept her as comfortable as we could. She slept on our pug’s dog bed sandwiched between the pug and the heater and surprised us all by growing stronger each day. By the time she took a bottle, her mom didn’t recognize her so when we returned her to the herd at 2 weeks, so she got regular bottles 6 a day at first, and now we are down to 2. As a result she comes springing to us every time she hears our voices! Enter Frances the puppy! She is deaf and learning simple sign language in her first week here. She has mastered come and sit so far! Today she cracked us up when she jumped in on Mildred’s bottle feeding and tried to get some for herself. So tonight we tried to get a bit of the sweetness on video. Sorry it's a little fuzzy.

No apologies needed. This is the kind of stuff we all need more of. So excited to follow these two and watch them grow up together! Thanks for sharing with us Sunflower Farm!

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