Stop whatever you are doing right now and watch this sweet video from the goat farm in Cumberland.  We loves goats! They are so adorable we can’t even stand it! The folks at Sunflower Farm and Creamery have welcomed a new St. Bernard pup to the scene and the cuteness meter once again goes into overload.  Glad to see everyone gettin' along sniffin' and rompin' around the bahnyahd!

Here's the story according to their YouTube channel:

"We recently brought home a Saint Bernard Puppy named Frances (who is deaf). She is the biggest love I have ever met and we are already deeply in love with her. The goats are very interested in figuring out what she is and so far Mildred the 8 week old goat kid is most interested in befriending her. Turns out they were both born on the same day! (April 24!) Mildred had a rough start and grew up inside for her first two weeks sandwiched between our Pug Rex (who recently died) and a heater on his dog bed, so it is no surprise that she is the least suspicious of the pup."

Aw jeez. Now we're even more in love and apparently, there's something in my eye.

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