Just yesterday we featured an excellent video from Jeremy Grant of the totally wild Moxie Falls in Somerset County.

Now he's already back with another incredible video that takes us to a wicked crazy kayak race at Small Falls in Rangeley. The race is called "Smalls To The Wall". Friggin' ballsy, guy.

Watch as crazy brave racers go down over the falls (which don't look very 'small' to me by the way)...yikes!

Jeremy is a talented photographer and video creator from the Belfast area. He is super-pumped about all the adventurous things to discover and do in Maine. His passion is infectious which also makes him an excellent host. This guy needs his own TV show! For now though, you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

At about 3:40 there's a scary moment when a racer falls out of his kayak. Now worries, they got him out okay!


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