My family was pushing for a real Christmas tree this year. But after suffering last year with making sure there was enough water in the base and cleaning up the friggin' needles every time I turned around, I pushed right back.

We have a perfectly good artificial one stored in the basement. You see. Dad wins because Dad is the one who has erected the tree real or fake, every year.

If Dad didn't, then we can't be sure that the tree would have made it up in the living room year after year.

Now whether the tree is one from the department store or one from the woods, there still another frustration with this holiday tradition. The lights.

First you've got find them. Then when you do, you have to untangle them. After that, plug 'em in to make sure they illuminate.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one who finally got the tree up last weekend and did the dreaded light test.

Here comes Yankee humorist Fred Marple (real name Ken Sheldon) from the underappreciated (and fictional) town of Frost Heaves, New Hampshire.

Fred posted a very funny video on Facebook the other day ranting about Christmas tree lights. We especially love how he shows what the bad little bulb looks like before and after you 'fix' it. It's seldom an improvement and we've all seen it before.

You might remember a couple years ago when we featured an infomercial parody promoting the Yoga for Yankees exercise DVD.

We've become big fans of this fella from 'Frost Heaves' ever since.

Fred's stuff is always wicked funny and clean humah for the whole family.

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