No doubt about it. Winters are tough on us here in Maine. The best way to survive these challenging months is to have some fun. And man, do they ever know how have a good time with the cold and snow in the woods up north.

Check out this video from the folks at Seboomook Wilderness Campground in the Moosehead Lake region! January is a particularly bummah month with 'holiday let-down' and the owners Norm and Whit show us a silly unique way to liven it up.

How about a ride on one of our favorite places to kick back? The Couch! That's just what they did. Whit is driving the snowmobile while Norm happily sits being hauled behind in the big comfy seat. He even 'helps' with some snow shovel paddling.

We came across this one from our friends at the Maine As F*ck Facebook page. Always great stuff being shared over there! Check 'em out, bub!



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