Living through another Maine winter, we all are faced with the task of cleaning new fallen snow off our vehicles before we head back out onto the road. Often we are tempted to skip brushing the white stuff piled up on the top thinking it'll just blow off once we get get going fast enough.

Of course the problem is, the snow left up there can turn to ice which could loosen from your car and potentially go flying into someone's very dangerous. Please make sure you keep your vehicle's roof cleaned.

Here comes an example of Yankee ingenuity from our friends at the Maine As F*ck Facebook page. There's always great stuff there for people from here and people who love it here.

The folks at Hudson Bus Lines in Lewiston have a great rig setup to easily clear off the tops of their fleet. The buses line right up and pass under a big frame with a broom type thing on it to get the job done way easier.

Wouldn't this be great to have near the end of the driveway?

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