Yeah buddy. Diggin' out one shovelful at a time from the pile to fill that suckah up? Frig that. We gotta get this pile moved before mutha gets home.

In my 53 years living here, never have I seen such a innovative way to load up a wheelbarrow. After all, the snowblower is normally just sitting there in the shed till the snow flies again anyway...right? Might as well put it to work in August.

Why not adapt it for use to make the job easier when we're working in the yard this summer? I gotta believe running a big heap of soil through a snowblower probably isn't the best idea for it. Maybe they should stay away from the gravel pile.

But, you know what? Sometimes when we wanna get sh*t done around here, we push the old f*ck it button.

Thanks to our friends at the Maine As F*ck Facebook page for sharing this. Their continued dedication to posting wacky stuff that is purely the way the way we do it up heah is very much appreciated.

If you don't follow this page yet, do yourself a favor and get after it.

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