This insane obstacle course is navigated with the wife carried face down on the husband's back her arms wrapped around his waist and legs around his neck.

The race even has a giant mud puddle (called the widow maker) to get through.


The 20th Annual North American Wife Carrying Championship is happening on Saturday, October 12, 2019 as the major attraction for the annual Sunday River Fall Festival Weekend in Bethel.

The Sunday River Facebook page also says there will be a Cornhole Championship on October 13th.

According to the Sunday River website, couples from all over the nation will compete for the chance of entry into the World Wife Carrying Championship next year in Finland where it started in the early 90s.

The winners will also get the wife's weight in beer and 5 times her weight in cash.

Here's a look at last year's battle

Couples don't have to be married to participate, but they do have be 21 and over. Ya know, there's beer and stuff...lots of beer.

Looks like registration is all filled up. But if you want, there is a waiting list for hopeful competitors.

In the 2016 competition, my Westbrook neighbors Giana and Elliot Storey won 1st place and went on to compete in World Championship.


Watch some moments from the crazy course and their victory here. You can also see how they determine how many cases of beer they win using a teeter totter as a scale.