Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I've seen more cops around during this pandemic. That's absolutely fine, because I've also noticed more people speeding on the roads lately when I'm headed to the grocery store.

I think it's possible that all the anxiety in the air is making some folks extra reckless behind the wheel.

Well it has come to our attention that sometimes there apparently isn't an officer available to sit with the radar gun and catch offenders in Maine's speeding hot spots.

Kevin J Alling posted these photos on his Facebook page on Friday. They reveal what the Windham Police Department has come up with, to help slow the lead foots down.

No, that isn't a human police officer sitting in the driver's seat of that cruiser. It  looks like one of those dummies that are used for learning CPR wearing a uniform.

That's a pretty clever maneuver by Windham PD to get people to not be in such a hurry. Though, I wouldn't be too confident that every time you see police car on the side of the road that there's probably a dummy in it.

It's always best to assume there's a live officer in there. Let's all take it easy, shall we?

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