It's another instant classic this week from the Bangor Police Department and their weekly "Got Warrants" segment. Read 'em and weep. And try to use the phrase  “trouser-aged earthy undertones” in your conversation this week.

From "Got Warrants":

A man walked into a local convenience store and placed a bottle of wine into his own personal mobile wine cellar (his pants). When employees, alert to the wine down the pants trick, yelled for him to stop- he retrieved the bottle from his pants, placed it back on the shelf, and sauntered out of the store.

While the complex and earthy flavors of any wine can be enhanced by the way it has been stored, this method of aging wine is not advised. Since it was only there for a very short time, the decision was made to discard the wine. Even the most discerning sommelier does not appreciate the term-“trouser-aged earthy undertones”

The man left the store but was recognized from previously being warned by staff and cops to stay away from the store after numerous attempts of placing stolen items down his pants. He was later found walking in the neighborhood, but he had discarded his hat and shirt in order change his appearance. He still was wearing his pants and we appreciate it. He was taken to jail for violating his bail conditions and for criminal trespass.



Thank You, Bangor PD!


Let's open another bottle!



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