The Boy Scouts have announced that they will start accepting girls into the organization. According to WCSH, the new program will begin in 2019 and girls will be able to work their way up to Eagle Scout. The Girl Scouts are not happy with with the initiative, and believe that the Boy Scouts are poaching their girls out of financial need. G.S.A. says that instead of recruiting girls, the Boy Scouts should be reaching out to more minorities and low-income households. Both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are experiencing a sharp drop in membership; busy family schedules and sports competition are a big factor in the decline. Over the past five years the Boy Scouts organization has changed dramatically, and is now accepting openly gay scout members, openly gay adult volunteers and transgender boys. Zach Wahls is the Eagle Scout who pressed for the inclusion of gay members and is now requesting that Boy Scouts end it's exclusion of non- believers and atheists who do not abide the "one duty to God" motto. There will be no mixed gender camping trips. Other countries have had mixed gender scouting for years.

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