Imagine getting hauled down a river and seeing one of these monstah fish jumping straight out and up into the air! Now imagine the shock of one knocking a kid out of the tube and into the water as it comes back down. Yikes!

According to the description on YouTube, the video of this wild moment was from the Kennebec River this summer in July.

I grew up in Augusta. My elementary and junior high years on the east side of the Kennebec River and high school years on the west side. I used to walk across the Memorial Bridge high above that mighty stream daily when I went to Cony.

I don't remember ever seeing any big fish rocketing out of the water back then. However, I have had had friends tell about encounters with them when they were out on their boats over the years.

This is pretty crazy. We think the big fish in this video is a sturgeon. We do hope no one was harmed. You'll probably need to watch this over again a couple of times. It's only 5 seconds long. So if you blink, you'll miss it.

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