Even though we are nearly a month in now with a very quiet and virtually empty downtown Portland, it is still so striking to see a scene like this. It is especially starkly beautiful when viewed at night.

Our good friend and longtime Blimpster, Dave Santoro posted this great video to his Facebook page last night. He shot it from the balcony of his condo We thought everyone who loves this great city should watch.

It starts with Aura,  takes us up Free Street by the Civic Center and then on over to zoom closer to the Holiday Inn on Spring Street.

When we get there, we see that the lights are on in some of the hotel's rooms to create the shape of a heart.

The only sounds we hear are the seagulls above. No cars rolling by, no people to be found...just familiar structures. Structures that we will gather in again someday.

We hope this video brings you peace.

Remember when Dave Santoro was our favorite TV weatherman at WGME? You thought you knew that guy, didn't ya?

David Santoro via Facebook
David Santoro via Facebook

From our buddy, Dave to you:

"I tried to forecast the weather for about 16 years at WGME. Since 2006 I've been teaching math at Lincoln Middle School. My love of music (often delivered from WBLM and WCYY) has been enough to get me through this global pandemic".

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