OMG! How weird a scene is this? It looks like somebody stopped at the Circle K to maybe put $20 worth in the in the "Beamah". That's Yankee for BMW by the way. I guess they decided to leave the dog in the car while they went in to pay. Wait a minute! That's not a dog! It's a freakin' goat! And the goat is wearing a diaper!

Wouldn't wanna have an accident on the plush interior now, would ya? Uh, oh. Looks like they forgot the $20 to pay for gas and the goat found it. So good job keeping the adorable pet from making a mess on the passenger seat. But next time, remember to grab your cash. If not you'll be reminded that goats eat pretty much any plant material. Apparently, this critter thought a $20 was close enough to snack on.

This video was posted to Facebook by Ellen Bacchiocchi of Boston while she was in Ossippee, New Hampshire recently and has already received nearl 80,000 views. What a wicked funny capture! Great job, Ellen! Next thing we know, Ellen's video could be on ELLEN!

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