Our friend James Rossides of Hallowell shared this video on his Facebook page and since we trust his great taste in talent we had to check it out. Man, are we glad we did!

The Maine dude in the video is Aaron Castaldi from Portland and we don't know how we haven't heard him until now. Anyway what's more important, now we do!

Earlier this week, Aaron took his guitar out to the deck to play some classic Aerosmith in the sunshine. He gives us a killer unplugged (although shortened) rendition of One Way Street from their 1973 debut album. Great vocals and guitar playing right here!

And to make it even cooler, when Aaron sings the line "How come my sunshine was so damn shady?"...a cloud passes in front of the sun. Freaky, right?

We love this! Thank you,  James! Thank you, Aaron!

Aaron is in a band called Iron Dynamite. According to their Facebook page, you can see them this Saturday night at Spring Point Tavern in South Portland.

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