From creepy old hospitals, to empty motels, to defunct ski areas, we can't get enough of scary Maine locations, ready made for a Stephen King movie. These local places are lost in time and are the stuff of nightmares.

An article from Cosmopolitan lists the Kennebec Arsenal in Augusta as one of the most haunted places in the US. The granite buildings have stood on the east side of the river for nearly 200 years. It's original use was as a fortress for defense and weapon manufacturing in the 1800s. The Kennebec Arsenal became an expansion for a psychiatric hospital at the beginning of the 20th century. Most Mainers remember as the Augusta Mental Health Institute or AMHI.

"Thousands were reported to have been buried in unmarked graves there after dying during horrific treatments. Though the facility was closed in 2004, there are numerous stories of spirits appearing and cries of former residents being heard."

Now you wanna see it, right? Well since we don't want you to go snooping around and trespass, here's a really great short video to take us on a tour.  Is this the most haunted place in Maine?


Maine Police remind you that many buildings are restricted and anyone found entering restricted premises without permission will be prosecuted. Do not enter these properties.

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