Where there's a will there's a way.


Bars are not on the list of places to reopen in Cumberland, York and Androscoggin counties because of the coronavirus. But according to the Portland Press Herald, four businesses in Portland found a work around to serve drinks again despite the restrictions.

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Novare Res, Sagamore Hill Lounge, Tomaso’s Canteen and Rising Tide Brewing, which are all licensed as Class A lounges, now have restaurant licenses. That will let them open before bars, brew pubs and tasting rooms that can open July 1...unless something happens to change that.

No word if other businesses have thought to change their license. The state did approve the changes. Portland is itching to reopen. It's a delicate balance of keeping businesses open, and spreading the coronavirus.

These businesses still have to make sure that customers are outside (except to use the bathrooms) and that employees wear face masks, and all the other precautions required by the state.

Maine is a state with low number of coronavirus cases, and we are just trying to keep it that way. Quite the task for a state that is known as 'vacationland'.



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