This is the latest addition to our family, we named him Stanley. This guy has been hanging around our neighborhood for years. A nice older lady at the end of the street had been feeding him, but unfortunately she became ill and had to go into a nursing home. He's been hanging out on porches and decks around the neighborhood ever since. He's always been know as a loner and a "wild" cat. Turns out he was just a little bit afraid. I started feeding him and eventually won his trust. He wouldn't come in during the brutally cold weather, and I worried so much about him that I had a hard time sleeping. Saturday he decided that he wanted to be a family cat. Stanley carefully made his way into our nice warm house and introduced himself to our 2 dogs and old lady cat. The dogs accepted him almost right away but Celia, the matriarch of the house, tore after him with a speed and zeal that I have never seen! She got tagged once on the nose, but truly, Stanley could have torn her apart. He's keeping his distance now and being a perfect gentleman.

Stanley will visit our vets at Cape Vet Clinic over the next day or two to get shots and a good check up. Our stray now only wants to go outside to follow me to my car. I had to put him back in the house this morning because he was trying to get into the car with me. He doesn't want to lose the lady with the food! He is so friendly, and our Sammy, Shayla whines when we put him outside while we cook. She and Raven are happy to have another friend, but Stanley is in need of some manners, like not jumping on the counter! If you know of a stray animal who needs help, please call your local animal control officer or animal shelter. Believe me, a cold, hungry loner would be grateful for the help!

A fan of gingers,