If 'life is a highway" you gotta make sure you don't get run ovah. Especially these days! Today's WBLM Workplace Trivia was a doozy with our fantastic contestant from Lisbon. A man they call. Buzzard.  Today's topic was "Highways and Byways."

Take 5 minutes and play along:


QUESTION 1- What is the busiest month on the Maine Turnpike?


QUESTION 2-According to a new survey, what's the #1 driving trait that says you're a bad driver?


QUESTION 3-On this very day in 1965, the Ford Motor Company came out with this option for the first time. The "home version" of this option came out a year later? What was it? 

Want the answers? Listen to the Captain, Celeste, and their contestant Buzzard from Lisbon.



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