Celeste made her triumphant return to the Blimp Morning Show today and we promptly celebrated with a boozy and fun-filled WBLM Workplace Trivia...Maine's longest-running radio quiz game show. Today's topic:

For example, you're most likely to get a tattoo when you get hammered on vodka. You rum drinkers, came in second btw. Thank you, Captain Morgan

Dean joined us while working on the Maine Turnpike. Here were his questions. How would you answer to the following questions?

What drunken drinkers get ARRESTED the most?


What drunken drinkers are most likely to get NAKED in public?


What drunken drinkers are more likely to set something ON FIRE when they get drunk?


OK---to get the answers, you gotta play along with Dean, and The Captain and Celeste.



Let's be careful out there people. Listen to the rich, bulging pageantry every weekday morning at 8:45 on the Blimp!



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