All our lives have changed during the past five months. You can tell that just by looking at the interesting things we are Googling. Some new data out this week from Zippia is telling us what each state in disproportionally googling and the results are eye-opening and often hilarious. So hilarious we thought we would make it a topic this morning for WBLM's Workplace Trivia. We will give you a state and then two choices. You pick which thing is that state's top Google compared to all other states. Ready?

Let's play the rich, bulging home-edition version of Workplace Trivia:

Maine-Building a Chicken Coop or How to Become a YouTuber?

New Hampshire-DIY Patio or Meth Recipe?

Massachusettes- Day Drinking or Virtual Book Club


For the answers follow along with the Captain, Celeste, and our contestant Rick




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