We know, we know. With another snowstorm today, the first thing we of thought too was, "Gotta check BLM for the Hillbilly Weather report!"

After no videos since last spring, we were finally delighted by the return of our favorite foul-mouthed forecaster with the first real snow of the season in early December. Then of course he made sure to cover that Nor'eastah  that bombed us into 2018.

So naturally, we're all looking to feel better about the weather today with some laughs. But, no report for you. Here's the adorable reason why.

Awwwww...okay, we'll let it go this time. Congrats on the newest furry family member!

Still need a dose of F-bombs from this wicked funny bastid? Check out this video of the Hillbilly tackling a shift repair in his plow truck!

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