Here we go with another week of crazy Maine vanity plates as curated from the one and only Morgan...the King of Maine Vanity. Morgan spends a great deal of his time traveling all over the state taking pictures of a varied assortment of wild and wacky plates. In Maine, a person can put ANYTHING on their license plate, as long as they can do it in seven characters or less. And the results and creativity are astounding. I really don't think there's a better way to get to know the psyche of the people of Maine than looking at our vanity plates. You get the nice mix of our sweet disposition and smart ass and somehow it all works together!

Here's this week's bumper crop....get it....bumper...ok....of Maine vanity plates. I will give each one a letter grade based on originality, cleverness, and overall Maine-ness.



Awesome Maine Vanity Plates



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